Bicentennial Celebration of the Grand Consistory of Louisiana

On June 1-4, 2011, an international conference in celebration of the bicentennial of the creation of the Grand Consistory of Louisiana will be held in New Orleans. Some of the world’s leading scholars and historians will present papers on the history and development of the AASR as well as high grade Scottish Rite Masonry in New Orleans.

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On April 7, 1811, the Grand Consistory of Louisiana in New Orleans was chartered and began. But that is only a small part of the story of Scottish Rite in Louisiana.

Freemasonry came to Louisiana, as Perfect Harmony Lodge in New Orleans through Bordeaux, France in 1752. In April 1756, a delegation was sent back to Bordeaux and requested a warrant for a Scotch Lodge of Perfection. That warrant was finally issued and the Lodge of Perfection opened on April 12, 1764. Due to the Treaty of Paris, ending what we refer to as the French and Indian War, France ceded Louisiana to Spain to keep England from gaining control. The citizens of New Orleans began a rebellion against Spanish control and the rebellion was crushed with the leaders shot. Whether the story that the major leaders of the rebellion were Masonic Brethren or not, Spain did not tolerate Freemasonry operating in its colonies, thus Freemasonry in New Orleans closed, or went underground until 1793. Remember, The Enlightenment was in full bloom in Europe during this period and Spain dealt harshly with any hint of that movement.

Under a more tolerant Spanish Governor in 1793, Freemasonry, French Rite and Scotch Rite, began operating outside the confines of the official New Orleans city limits – the “French Quarter”.

What influence did the Scottish Rite have in early Louisiana Freemasonry – with the French Rite, it was Freemasonry! Not until American traders and entrepreneurs began arriving in New Orleans did the American Rite or York Rite of Freemasonry exist in Louisiana. And Freemasonry did not speak English.

The early history of Louisiana Freemasonry is exciting to explore because it was different from the American Colonial experience of Freemasonry – very different.

On June 1 – 4, 2011, the Valley of New Orleans, previously the Southern Jurisdiction’s last existing Grand Consistory, will host a Symposium of Scottish Rite History and Research. Freemasons, Students of Freemasonry, Scottish Rite Masons, Scholars and Researchers of Scottish Rite Freemasonry are all invited to attend and share in the Bicentennial Celebration of the “Oldest Continuously Meeting Scottish Rite Body in North and South America” – make your plans to attend this Scottish Rite experience in the “City The Care Forgot” – New Orleans, Louisiana. Check our website for more details –

Welcome Brothers and All,
William J. “Bill” Mollere, SGIG


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