Introducing “Chips from the Quarry”

A New Scottish Rite Journal Feature

"Chips from the Quarry" title graphic, created by Bro. Ted Bastien, 32°, from the July/August 2016 Scottish Rite Journal

The July/August 2016 issue (p. 14) has the first installment of an exciting new feature of fun facts that will run in The Scottish Rite Journal, the bi-monthly membership magazine for the Scottish Rite, SJ, USA. Each issue will contain attention-grabbing factoids about people, places, and things (and even events) relating to Freemasonry. Some of the entries will amaze, enlighten, and possibly even amuse our readers. Accompanying many of these marvelous tidbits and nuggets will be original artwork by WBro. Ted Bastien of Toronto, Canada, who illustrated the “Bro. Brother” articles and “Bugsport.” PM Bastien graduated from Sheridan College, Oakville, Ontario, Canada, in 1983 with a diploma in Classical Animation. He worked for Nelvana for 31 years, 23 as director. Brother Bastien has directed many children’s cartoons including “Magic School Bus” for PBS, Disney’s “Handy Manny,” Nickelodeon’s “Mike the Knight” (for which his team won an Emmy for best preschool show), and others. He is now directing Nickelodeon’s “Paw Patrol” at GURU studio. Brother Bastien is a member of Joseph A. Hearn Lodge No. 685, G.R.C.

Some of the future issues will contain thematic groups, that is, Masons who were public figures, entrepreneurs, entertainers, astronauts, musicians, educators, writers, presidents, sports figures, etc. In this first feature we highlight famous restaurateurs. We will spotlight members who belong to the Brotherhood from President George Washington, P.M., to master magician Harry Houdini, to astronaut turned U.S. Senator John Glenn, and other world-renowned celebrities. Our goal is to illuminate, to educate and to entertain. We shall break off the corners of rough stones to reveal the gems that have inspired us for the ages. We encourage readers with interesting factoids to submit them into Ill. Gregory S. Kearse, 33°,

By Gregory S. Kearse, 33°, Staff Writer

A modified version of this article originally appeared in the July/August 2016 Scottish Rite Journal, p. 15.—available online and via the free app for Apple and Android devices, just visit your preferred app store and search “Scottish Rite Journal.”

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