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About the Masonic Renewal Committee


The Masonic Renewal Committee (MRC) of Canada, the United States and Mexico is charted by the Conference of Grand Masters of Masons in North America, Inc.  Its purpose is to facilitate the innovative endeavors of Masonic Jurisdictions as they strive to move the Craft forward.  To do this, the MRC draws on the expertise of a number of Past Grand Master's as well as representatives from the Northern and Southern Jurisdictions of the Scottish Rite and Shrine.  In addition, the MRC gathers information provided by a growing number of contacts from within various Masonic Jurisdictions.  This way, the MRC is able to collect information from both the top down and grassroots sources of Masonic development.  The reason why the MRC collects and organizes this information is so the innovative efforts of lodges, Grand Lodges, committees and so forth are able to be researched and viewed so other Masons do not waste time, energy and resources reinventing the wheel.  In addition, it will serve as a means to give credit to those efforts and help inspire others to follow.