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Award Programs

Grand Lodge Award-Connecticut 
Perhaps no other honor or distinction is so sought or enjoyed as is the Grand Lodge Award.This recognition comes only to those fortunate Brethren who have labored upon the Temple faithfully for a half-century. This 50 Year Membership Emblem is a visible token of the fraternal love and grateful appreciation from the Most Worshipful Grand Lodge of Connecticut.

Lodge "Fix-Up" Award-Connecticut 

Pierpont Edwards Medal-Connecticut
Pierpont Edwards was the youngest son of Reverend Jonathan Edwards and Sarah Pierpont, daughter of James Pierpont, a founder of Yale College. He was born in Northhampton, Massachusetts on April 8, 1750. His father, the last of the great New England Calvinists, was then about to become acting missionary to the Housatonic Indians at Stockbridge, Massachusetts. In 1757, Reverend Edwards was called to become President...

David Wooster Medal-Connecticut
The Grand Lodge of Connecticut's David Wooster Medal is particularly unique. It is one of two Grand Lodge medals which carry restrictions in the number awarded in any one year.  The David Wooster Medal was struck in 1973 to recognize "service other than to Freemasonry in the fields of art, science, business, government, entertainment, religion, or other service to humanity." Two castings were approved, one in silver for...

Daniel Carter Beard Award-Connecticut
Many Freemasons nationwide have been of great service to the Boy Scouts ofAmerica by supporting the development of Scouting units, serving as volunteers, and assisting their Masonic lodges in forming and sponsoring Scout units. The relationship between individual Masons and Scouting, which has existedsince the founding of Scouting in America, has resulted in immeasurable benefits for both Freemasonry and Scouting.

Lewis Jewel-Connecticut
"The word Lewis denotes strength, and is here depicted by certain pieces of metal dovetailed into a stone, which forms a cramp, and enables the operative Mason to raise great weights to certain heights with little encumbrance, and to fix them in their proper places. Lewis, likewise denotes the son of a Mason; his duty is to bear the heat and burden of the day, from which his parents, by reason of their age, ought to be exempt; to help them in time of need, and thereby render the close of their days happy and comfortable; his privilege for so doing is to be made a Mason before any other person however dignified."  

Service to Youth Award-Connecticut
The Service to Youth Award is presented by the Grand Lodge of Connecticut to those persons who have shown exemplary service to the youth of our country.The award consists of a gold lapel pin and a citation. Nominations are solicited by the Committee on Masonic Youth Activities who forward recommendations to the Committee on Medals and Awards for approval.

Oliver Wolcott Certificate Award-Connecticut 
The Oliver Wolcott Certificate Award is given to Masons or non-Masons in recognition  of outstanding service to the community which exemplifies the ancient Masonic teachings of concern for the well-being of mankind and of belief in the worldwide Brotherhood of Man.  

Perfect Ashlar Award-Connecticut 
If you have enjoyed your Masonic experience thus far and would like to learn more about the Brotherhood,  we have a program available which is sure to assist you.  It is called the “Perfect Ashlar Program/Award”. The design of the program is to introduce variety of aspects of Masonry in an organized manner.  It will lead you, step by step, through some very fundamental and rewarding endeavors/labors which will assist you in the practice and understanding of Masonry.  

Master Craftsman Award-Connecticut
To recognize those lodges and building corporations whose efforts have improved the overall appearance and aesthetic of their buildings. This award focuses primarily on non-structural improvements such as landscaping, painting (internal and external), residing, installation of  molding work and wainscoting, new fl ooring, wall treatments, etc.  

Master Artisan Award-Connecticut 
to recognize those lodges and building corporations who have expended resources acquiring, conserving, and restoring their historic, antique, and important artifacts. This award focuses primarily on proper restoration and conservation of ephemera, books, furniture, furnishings, regalia, ornaments, fixtures, paintings, collectibles, and all other antique lodge heirlooms. This differs from the “Master Craftsman” award in that the emphasis is on preserving the original vintage characteristics of the items and not simply improving cosmetic appearance.

Master Builder Award-Connecticut
to recognize those lodges and building corporations who have undertaken capital improvements to their real property, to include structural, electrical, plumbing, and or mechanical upgrades to their buildings. Unlike the “Master Craftsman” or “Master Artisan”, this award is for renovation work that is less cosmetic and more substantive in nature. This award would include such projects as electrical system upgrades, plumbing upgrades, structural improvements and additions, HVAC systems, paving work, and new construction.  

Boy Scout Eagle, Girl Scout Gold and Silver Awards-Florida

Youth Recognition Award-Florida

Youth Activities Scolarship Award-Florida

Grand Master's Award-Florida

Adult Leaders Recognition-Florida

Eagle Scout Masonic Awards-Georgia 
In recognition of his achieving Eagle Scout, the highest rank of the Boy Scouts of America, symbolizing his awareness of duty to God, country, community, family and self, The Grand Lodge of Georgia F. & A. M., does hereby congratulate and commend for his dedication and high achievement in Boy Scouting  

Distinguished Service Medal-Georgia 
Grand Master Charles Bass, in 1920, requested Robert J. Travis, PGM, to make five honorary presentations on behalf of the Grand Lodge.   Brother Travis then addressed the Grand Lodge."It is the duty of every Mason to labor without weariness and without hope of any reward. This is his obligation and his duty. However, we all like to know that our labors have been appreciated, and when the appreciation is expressed it serves as an encouragement to labor on.  

Dewey Harold Wollstein Award-Georgia 
The Masonic Code of The Grand Lodge of Georgia sets forth the rules dictating the Awarding of the most prestigious and highest award that can be conferred to a Member of the Masonic Fraternity -"The Dewey Harold Wollstein Award"

Grand Master's Cup-Georgia
No Information

 Grand Master Award of Excellence-Illinois 
No Information.  

The Society of King Solomon-Illinois 

 Ashlar Award-Iowa
The Ashlar Award provides recognition and is a guide for you as you start down the path to Masoniceducation and enrollment.  You will find there are many Brothers along the way who will be as eager to teach, as you are tolearn.  This program is designed to assist you in securing their guidance and help you build a strong foundation.You will have fourteen months from the day you are Initiated to complete the Ashlar Award program.  

Golden Trowel-Iowa  
The "Golden Trowel Award" is an incentive to go above and beyond the usual activities of lodge brothers.  It is laden with service opportunities to the lodge, community and Fraternity as a whole.  It is difficult to achieve by design.  But the satisfaction obtained by the journey to achieve it will justify the effort.  

Grand Design-Iowa  
The Public Relations Committee of the Grand Lodge of Iowa A.F. & A.M. has established a program to encourage lodges to establish websites and to recognize those lodges that have existing websites. Lodges with outstanding websites will be recognized at the 168th Annual Communication of the Grand Lodge of Iowa which will be held in September 2012 in Waterloo.  The top three websites will receive a specially designed certificate of recognition.  

Master Builder-Iowa  
A Master Builder is a Brother who is actively involved with the present work of his Lodge, his involvement and Legacy will help build the future of his Lodge and Community.  Every brother that successfully completes nine of the eleven steps in this blueprint will receive an award.  The first 10 successful applications will be awarded a special limited edition Grand Master’s jacket.* This jacket will be emblazoned with the Masonic Square and Compass and contain the words, “Master Builder” along with your name.  So how can you qualify?

Teacher of the Year-Iowa
No description.  

TS Parvin Award-Iowa
 Each year the Iowa Conference for Masonic Cooperation presents the T. S. Parvin Award to the Iowa Mason who has conspicuously contributed to the betterment of the Fraternity without expectation of fee or reward. The recipient is selected by a committee consisting of the Grand Master of Masons, the Grand High Priest, the Grand Master of the Council, the Grand Commander, the Sovereign Grand Inspector General, and the Chairman and Vice Chairman of the Iowa Conference for Masonic Cooperation.  The winner is selected from nominations submitted from all parts of the state.

Lodge of the Year-Iowa 

The Grand Masters’ Social Media Award-Iowa 

Relighting the Torch-Kansas
The Grand Lodge of Kansas Relighting the Torch program was established to recognize and encouragegreater community participation among Kansas Masons conforming to our Masonic obligation to practice charity. Special recognition and financial incentives are provided to Lodges with extraordinary community spirit and who represent Kansas Masons as leaders in charitable endeavors.

Master’s Achievement Award-Kansas
The Grand Lodge of Kansas Master’s Achievement Award was established to recognize superior performance in leadership by Worshipful Masters. Special recognition is given to those Masters who exhibit program excellence by undertaking various activities that support, enhance, and build this great Fraternity by meeting minimum prescribed requirements as well as participating in additional activities that achieve a superior performance level.  

Grand Master's Excellency Award-Kentucky  
The Grand Master's Excellency Award has very high achievement requirements and is the highest award a lodge can receive.  Although the qualifications are set high, a lodge can choose those areas in which they currently excel and then look to the challenges that best suit the talents of their officers and members.  

Attendance Awards-Kentucky  
An attendance award will be presented at Grand Lodge to thoselodges with MORE than 50 Members who have the Master, two of the top four other electedofficers (Senior Warden, Junior Warden, Treasurer, and Secretary) present at your District Meeting plus 8 other officers/members for a total of 11, or the Master and 15 officers/members total 16 members.  Lodges with LESS than 50 Members who have the Master, two of the top four other elected officers (Senior Warden, Junior Warden, Treasurer, and Secretary) present at your District Meeting plus 4 other officers/members for a total of 7, or the Master and 7 officers/members total 8 members.

Ritualist Award Program-Kentucky
No description.  

Traveling Gavel Program-Kentucky
During the year 2011 – 2012, the Grand Master is offering a suggestion on how to use the Traveling Gavel along with a program to support your travel to other lodges, meet other Masonic brothers and gain recognition in process. The whole idea behind the program is for you and your lodge brothers to travel within your district. The Traveling District Gravel will start the year with the District Deputy Grand Master’s home lodge and then spread throughout the district during the year.

Achievement Award Program-Louisiana  In 1964 the Grand Lodge Masonic Education Committee began to recognize individual Lodges that participated in fostering education and holding programs open to non-masons. In 1970 the Committee proposed a list of specific requirements to qualify for the award. A few changes have been made, as well as additional qualifications, over the years to address current programs. One of the requisites was a visit to the Masonic Children's Home by one of the three principal officers. This was dropped when the Home ceased to operate. In 1999 the Bring a Friend Night was added and changes allowing proxies for the principal officers attending the Grand Lodge Session. Utilizing the programs and requirements of the Achievement Award is an excellent way for a new Master to use when setting up his programs for the year. The Award addresses participation in the respective District lodge and workshops, education, open meetings for public attendance and foremost Charity.  READ MORE / GO TO WEBSITE

Youth Group Recognition Program-Michigan
This program is dedicated to the youth in our Masonic Family.   Being a young person in today’s world can be a very frightening thing.  Made even more so when we consider the problems  that  so  many  of  our  kids  face  on  a  daily basis.  The world changed, and while we can lament and gnash our teeth at those changes, we simply cannot ignore the impact that the modern world has on our kids and on their image of us!

Masonic Light Award-Minnesota
Welcome Brethren! You have navigated to the Masonic Light Award Program section and have taken an important step in your Masonic Education. Please take the time to look over the materials and links contained herein. As a suggestion, check out the overview of the Masonic Light Award Program first. This document will give the interested candidate the guidelines of the program, an overview of the nine competency areas, point values for degree work that counts toward the Masonic Ritual competency, links to suggested reading lists, and contact information.  

Lodge Recognition Program-Minnesota
The Lodge Recognition Program is designed to recognize all lodges in Minnesota. District Representatives (DRs) will meet with lodge officers to assess your progress from the previous year. There are again four levels of recognition this year, beginning with Lodge in Good Standing; progressing through Bronze, Silver and Gold.

Duane E. Anderson Excellence in Masonic Education Award-Minnesota
This lectureship award requires the recipient to come to Minnesota to receive the award; only one award may be given in any Grand Lodge year, even if an award has not been given in a previous year; the award recipient shall be chosen by the Grand Master or those whom he appoints for that purpose and the award shall be given in recognition for excellence in Masonic Education on a national or international level. 

Master of the Year-Mississippi
The Master of the Year Award is bestowed annually upon a sitting Master of a Subordinate Lodge in Mississippi. The recipient is chosen from among nominations submitted directly to the Grand Master and is awarded a recognition plaque and a commemorative wrist watch. 
No Information

Mason of the Year-Mississippi
The Mason of the Year Award is bestowed annually upon a Master Mason in Mississippi. The recipient is chosen from among nominations submitted directly to the Grand Master and is awarded a recognition plaque and a commemorative wrist watch.
No Information

Masonic Lifetime Achiever Award-Mississippi
Conceived in 2008, the Lifetime Achiever Award is bestowed annually upon a Master Mason who has excelled in the area of civic and/or community leadership. The recipient is chosen from by the Grand Master and is awarded a recognition plaque.
No Information

Watt Carter DDGL Trophy-Mississippi
The Watt Carter Trophy, named after Past Grand Master Watt Carter who served as Grand Lecturer of Mississippi for 40 years, is bestowed annually upon a District Deputy Grand Lecturer for outstanding service rendered to the Fraternity. The recipient is chosen by the Grand Lecturer and is awarded a recognition plaque and the right to possess the trophy for one year.
No Information

Grand Lodge Achievement Awards-Missouri
No Information

Honor Lodge Award-Missouri
No Information

Honor Lodge with Distinction-Missouri
No Information

Truman Honor Lodge-Missouri
No Information

Grand Master's Youth Award-Missouri
No Information

Rock Maul Award-Nebraska
The Rock Maul Award is given by the Grand Lodge each year to recognize excellence. This Award is given by the Grand Master, upon the recommendation of the Grand Lodge Awards Committee, to a large lodge and a small lodge whose works represent the best all-around large and small lodges in Nebraska.

Golden Pan Award-Nebraska
The Gold Pan Award is awarded each year by the  Grand Lodge of Nebraska  to that Nebraska lodge which, in the opinion of the Grand Lodge Awards Committee, has contributed extraordinary service to or
advancement of Freemasonry in Nebraska, or has shown the greatest improvement or innovation in its activities. This award was originally given to the Grand Lodge of Nebraska by the Grand Lodge of Alaska in recognition of our foresight in recognizing their sovereignty. Lodges wishing consideration for this award should complete the following evaluation form and send it to the Grand Lodge Office postmarkedno later than December 31. 

Pillar Award-Nebraska

Grand Master's Leadership Award-Nebraska

Large Lodge Award-Nebraska
No Information

Small Lodge Award-Nebraska
No Information

Recruitment Award-Nebraska
No Information

Masonic Chip Award-Nebraska

Lodge Military Tribute-Nebraska
No Information

Joseph Montfort Medal-North Carolina
The Grand Lodge hereby establishes a medal or emblem to be known as the “Joseph Montfort Medal”, to be presented by the Grand Master to any Master Mason in good standing and recognized by this Grand Lodge who in the opinion of the Grand Master is deserving thereof because of distinguished service or achievement. Not more than three Joseph Montfort Medals shall be presented in any one term of a Grand Master. The cost of said medal shall be borne by the Grand Lodge. 

Lodge of the Year Award-Oklahoma
The purpose of the Lodge of the Year program is to encourage all Oklahoma Lodges to rebuild and strengthen those 5-F’s. It is the best way to create the excitement for a new generation of Masons, and to pass on the joy of Freemasonry to our children and grandchildren.The Lodge of the Year program works a little differently than programs in the past. It is not a checklist on which your Lodge must score specific points to qualify. We know that each Lodge is different, with different circumstances, size, resources, and everything else.

Grand Master's Award-Rhode Island
Within thirty (30) days of the installation of officers, a letter signed by the Worshipful Master and both Wardens signifying the intention of that lodge and its officers to participate in the Grand Master's Award Program must be presented to the District Deputy Grand Master of that District. At the same time, the Worshipful Master must present a formal plan for the year detailing his intentions and those of his officers for each meeting, special program, social event and goal.

Dalcho Award-South Carolina
The Frederick Dalcho Certificate of Merit Award is the second highest award in this jurisdiction and is given at the discretion of the Grand Master.

Albert Gallatin Mackey Medal-South Carolina
At the Annual Communication of the Grand Lodge of South Carolina in March 1934, Grand Master, E.S.C. Baker, made a recommendation near the end of his Grand Master's Address that "a Grand Lodge Medal, to be known as the Albert Gallatin Mackey Medal" be established. It was to be awarded in the judgment of the Grand Master "to any Mason for distinguished service in Masonry."

Joseph C. Mobley Achievement Award-Tennessee
This award is given to an individual Lodge for having an outstanding Masonic Education program. The award form details what is necessary to win the award.

Voluntary Service Award Program-Tennessee
Perhaps the most important aspect of Masonic Renewal is getting Masons and Lodges involved in translating the Tenets of our Fraternity into a tangible positive impact in the communities through service and relief programs and efforts. Through such programs, the interest of the uninitiated in Masonry is increased and our obligations to serve humanity are met. For most charities, contributions of monetary or gift value are acknowledged often with a pin or certificate. However, the most precious resources that a Mason has, his time and effort, sometimes go unrecognized or unrewarded.

Masonic Educational Talk Award-Tennessee
The Education Committee of the Grand Lodge of Tennessee would like to encourage the brothers of each lodge to participate in a program whereby the individual member would gain self confidence in public speaking and the brethren of the lodge would benefit from the presentation. Each brother is invited to make a talk of about 15 minutes duration on a Masonic subject of his choice. The Secretary is then asked to complete a form (see below) informing the education committee that such a talk was given. The Brother will then be presented a certificate to that effect. The forms may be submitted to the Grand Secretary when the monthly report is filed.

John B. Arp Award-Tennessee
The John B. Arp Jr. Award was started by Past Grand Master Charles Eads, and is awarded at the annual Grand Lodge session each March, for distinguished service to the Vision 2013 movement (current Long Range Planning Committee). The recipient is selected each year by the Grand Officers.  

Tennessee Masonic Light Award-Tennessee
No Information

Scouter Award-Tennessee
No Information

Hiram Award-Utah

Master Builder Award-Utah

James Noah Hillman Award-Virginia
The James Noah Hillman Memorial Award was established in 1971 to recognize superior performance, not only on the part of Lodge Officers, but also the general membership of the Lodge. Special recognition is given to those Lodges which exhibit program excellence by undertaking various activities that support, enhance, and build this great Fraternity by meeting minimum prescribed requirements as well as participating in additional activities that achieve a superior performance level.

Seymour Jones Levy Award-Virginia
an award based on the amount of blood products that are donated and credited to a Lodge throughout the year (this is awarded automatically, based upon the reports submitted through the District Blood Coordinator by the Lodge Blood Coordinator);

Perfect Ashlar Award-Virginia
There are many Master Masons throughout the Grand Jurisdiction of Virginia whose exemplary efforts for the Craft enhance the image of Freemasonry both in the Lodge and in the community  The newly established Perfect Ashlar Award was presented to one of these deserving Brethren for the first time at the 1984 Grand Annual Communication. Initial nominations for the Perfect Ashlar Award will be made by the Worshipful Masters.  

Certificate of Merit-Virginia
Any Virginia Mason may be cited for his work by any Virginia Lodge desiring to recognize him for significant contributions to the effectiveness, well-being, and improvement of Lodge (or district) operations. It is necessary that a resolution be presented to the Lodge setting forth the work which the Brother has done to justify the award and conclude with the statement:"Therefore, be it resolved that the Grand Master be requested to authorize a Grand Lodge Certificate of Merit for our Brother."After the Lodge has acted on the resolution, the Secretary, under the Seal of the Lodge, certifies the resolution as extracted from the minutes of the communication during which it was adopted and sends it to the Grand Secretary. A fee is charged by the Grand Lodge office, plus Virginia State Sales Tax and postage, for a Certificate of Merit.

Certificate of Appreciation-Virginia
Any Virginia Mason may be cited for his work by any Virginia Lodge desiring to recognize him for significant contributions to the Craft in general. The Lodge Secretary sends the request to the Grand Secretary. A fee is charged by the Grand Lodge office, plus Virginia State Sales Tax and postage, for a Certificate of Appreciation.  

Award of Excellence-Virginia
The Award of Excellence may be presented to non-Masons who are outstanding educators, medical personnel, business men, and citizens whose dedication or service in some way sets them apart. Masonically, the award recognizes that sincerity and service are successful wheresoever they may be found.  Grand Lodge Officers, DDGMs, and subordinate Lodges may recommend that the Award of Excellence be presented to a man or woman whose attributes of character, unselfish service, and outstanding performance serve to uplift the purpose of the Craft.  Lodges requesting an Award of Excellence will do so in writing and will state the individual's full name and the reasons he or she is to be so honored. Such requests may be forwarded to the Grand Secretary and, when approved by the Grand Master are prepared. The Award of Excellence will be forwarded to the Grand Lodge Officer, DDGM, or subordinate Lodge initiating the request and a proper presentation of the award shall be accordingly arranged.

Community Builders Award-Virginia
This program is designed to recognize and show our appreciation for outstanding community-oriented achievements of non-Masons who reside and work in our cities and towns. There are many hard working, dedicated men and women in our communities who have served others with no expectation of reward. We should continue with renewed vigor to search them out and show them that we are proud of their good works, that we are happy that they are personally instrumental in making/building our communities into a better place for all people to live, work, and play. Care should be taken in the selection of a recipient. No more than two recipients per Lodge per year are allowed.  

The Outstanding Youth Award-Virginia
The Outstanding Youth Award Application is an annual award that recognizes outstanding members of the three youth organizations, DeMolay, Job's Daughters, and Rainbow for Girls. The completed application must be submitted no later than APRIL 1, of the current year, or it cannot be considered.Certificates of Recognition for Eagle Scouts (boys) and Gold Scouts (girls) are signed by the Grand Master, carry the Seal of the Grand Lodge and are attested by the Grand Secretary. The aim of these certificates is to provide Grand Lodge recognition for the accomplishments of our youth involved in Scouts.When you are made aware of any young man becoming an Eagle Scout or any young woman becoming a Gold Scout during the year, please inform your DDGM, who, in turn, should forward to the Grand Secretary the name, address, and troop number of the recipient. It is desired that as many deserving young men and women as possible receive recognition under this Grand Lodge of Virginia program. Allow sufficient time to process the paperwork. Once the paperwork has been processed, a certificate and letter from the Grand Master will be sent to the Lodge and a proper presentation should be arranged.

Other Awards and Certificates-Virginia
Other awards and certificates are available and include: Past Master's Certificate of Service, Proficiency in Catechisms, the Degree Certificate, Gold and Silver ritual proficiency cards, Lodge Instructor's Certificate, Lecture Achievements, Lodge Certificates of Attendance (for 100% elected officer attendance at a Division Leadership Conference). The Past Master's Certificate of Service and the certificate awarded for proficiency in the catechisms should be requested by the Lodge Secretary. The Past Master's Certificate of Service should have the Past Master's name and the year in which he served. The other awards and certificates listed above are handled by the Grand Lecturer, members of the Committee on Work, Grand Provost, members of the Committee on Masonic Education, or the District Educational Officer, as appropriate.  

Worshipful Master Service Certificate-Washington
No Information

Hiram Award-Washington
No Information

Outstanding Achievement Award-Schools Award Program-Washington
No Information

Outstanding Educator Award-Schools Award Program-Washington
No Information

Lodge Excellence Award-Wisconsin
The Lodge Excellence Award (LEA), established in 1977 as the Grand Master’s Achievement Award to aid lodges in planning a vibrant and successful slate of activities, will continue to recognize lodges who earn outstanding achievement in meeting threshold levels of activity.A point system has been established to record your lodge’s activities in three sections:  Lodge Education & Growth, Lodge Programs & Activities, and Community Service by the lodge.  All lodges achieving threshold scores will be recognized for their accomplishments.We encourage you to plan your year with the programs, suggested in this application, and at the end of your year, to complete this application to receive your earned recognition, documenting your qualified activities from January 1 to December 31.This application must be turned into your District Deputy no later than February 15th.  District Deputies may be found in the Wisconsin Masonic Journal or by clicking here on LEA_Rev~Oct_11.  This form is the only application valid for the Masonic years 2011 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015.A minimum of 100 points is required to qualify.

Ashlar Award-Wisconsin
The Ashlar Award Program was developed by the District Deputies of the Grand Lodge. It shares some of the character of the Grand Lodge of Iowa Ashlar Award.The Ashlar Award was conceived to encourage lodges and particularly new Master Masons to properly mentor new candidates and to more swiftly involve new Master Masons in lodge activity. By serving as a mentor, the new Master Mason will develop a stronger bond with the lodge as well as with the new candidate.It is recommended that the activity of completing the Ashlar Award Program be conducted by a three member team. The team will consist of an experienced Master Mason (Past Master, Counselor or other), a new (or relatively new) Master Mason and a new candidate. It is intended that the new Master Mason is the actual leader and mentor and that the experienced Mason assists and serves as a resource.