National KSA Gathering

An Invitation to all Knights of St. Andrew

First National Gathering
An Event 19 Years in the Making

The Guthrie, Oklahoma Knights of St. Andrew, with assistance from the St. Louis, Missouri Chapter, will host the first ever National Gathering of Knights in conjunction with the Guthrie Valley Spring Reunion, March 30 – April 1, 2012. KSA members, as well as knights from other “Black Cap” Scottish Rite service organizations from across the nation, are invited to participate.

Purpose & Objectives

Chapters of the Knights of St. Andrew have sprung-up across the country over the past 20 years. Each Chapter is independent – several even use other names like Order of the Thistle – but every Scottish Rite “Black Cap” group has the same basic objectives:

Assisting the General Secretary of their Valley with Reunion help
Contributing to charities benefiting children and as sponsored by their Valley

Why a National Gathering?

This first ever National Gathering is planned to coincide with the Guthrie Valley Spring Reunion in 2012. The goals of this Gathering are to:

Improve communication between Chapters through camaraderie
Equip Chapters to better serve their Scottish Rite Valleys, and
Increase effective support to Charities sponsored by respective Valleys

Break-out session will give each chapter an opportunity to discuss what’s working well in their Valley and open dialogue between chapter members which will carry forward even after the Gathering has concluded.

More Details and Registration Information

Check the links on the “First National Gathering” tab of the website  for more details and a registration form. Bring your Lady; bring your fellow Knights; bring your bragging rights to the KSA National Gathering in Guthrie, OK, March 30 – April 1, 2012. (Registration requested by January 17th.)

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