2014 Scholarships Announced

Recipients of Supreme Council Scholarships
For 2014-2015 School Year

The competition for the scholarships sponsored by the Supreme Council, 33°, Southern Jurisdiction, for this year concluded on April 1, 2014. We are pleased to announce the recipients of these scholarships, in alphabetical order,  for the 2014-2015 school year as follows:

Sam and Millie Hilburn Scholarships

Alissa D. Acker
Chandler C. Jordan
Rebekah A. Juhala
Bailey A. Shivers

Public School Administration Scholarships

Samuel A. Ashley III
Garrett W. Davis

Shepherd Scholarships

Nathan J. Brady
Eugene L. Bruchette III
Amy M. Bush
Samuel F. Elsner
Rebecca L. LaMastus
John P. Shafik

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