VMAP 2020 is Online NOW!

VMAP is now available in a completely online format that is accessible from virtually any device, making it even easier to use VMAP to help grow and strengthen any Valley. Plus, VMAP 2020 Online has been optimized to help Valleys better navigate the COVID-19 crisis!

VMAP Online is a smart, streamlined system that includes new online tools and resources  including:

  • the VMAP Online Resource guide—a searchable index of successful VMAP programs;
  • the VMAP Workbook Archive—a growing library of VMAP workbooks from previous years;
  • monthly training and support meetings via ZOOM; and
  • a growing library of VMAP Best Practices videos.

Since 2014, the Valley Membership Achievement Project—better known as VMAP—has helped Valleys improve their members’ experience by focusing on several key aspects of Valley life. VMAP is a Valley-led grass roots effort to work towards the common goals of the Scottish Rite in the areas of Philanthropy, Public Awareness, Recruitment, Restoration and more. Valleys using VMAP have a proven increase in membership and report greater member satisfaction.

In short: VMAP WORKS and is easier to use than ever before!

Is your Valley ready to get started on VMAP? Click here for complete information.*

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  VMAP 2020 is Online NOW!