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You can find both the Scottish Rite, SJ, and the House of the Temple on the following public social media platforms:

You also can subscribe to our Scottish Rite Masons YouTube channel, where we post informative videos and interviews about the Scottish Rite and the House of the Temple.

Scottish Rite Apps

Scottish Rite Members

Dues-current members of the Scottish Rite, SJ, can access Members Online Content & Forums by logging in to the membership area

To download the apps below, please visit your preferred app store for your device, search by the name below, and follow the steps to complete your account creation and registration.

Scottish Rite Journal App

SRChirp (Members Only)


Several Scottish Rite Valleys and Orients have their own local, members-only social apps. Please check with your local chapter for availability and login requirements.

Scottish Rite & Blue Lodge Masons

Both Scottish Rite and Blue Lodge Masons in good standing can create user accounts and access the following site(s).