VMAP Questions & Answers

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Below are some of the most frequently asked questions (FAQS) about VMAP. For a complete list of Q & As, please download the FAQs document at the bottom of this page.

Q: If I have questions about the VMAP program, whom should I contact?

A: A special email address, VMAP@scottishrite.org has been setup just for this purpose. Emails to that address with questions, comments, or concerns will be answered by members of the committee charged with administration of VMAP

Q: What is the purpose of VMAP?

A: VMAP was developed by a grassroots committee based on the ideas and best practices for membership engagement and involvement collected at the Regional workshops held in 2014. The goal of VMAP is to provide Valleys with a list of implementable activities to increase the engagement and involvement of their members.

Q: What time frame does VMAP cover?

A: The VMAP achievement period covers one calendar year, from January 1 until December 31. All activities must take place during that time frame to count for achievement. The final submission of each Valley’s report must be done by February 28 of the following year.

Q: What if my Valley does not submit our pledge to participate by February 28? Does this mean we have to wait until the following February to participate?

A: In order to be eligible for VMAP achievement awards for the current year, each Valley must submit its participation pledge by February 28 of that year. If you do not submit the participation pledge by then, you are certainly still welcome to utilize the VMAP workbook and resources to benefit your Valley. The enrollment for the following year will open October 1.

Q: If my Valley is unable to complete enough objectives for the achievement award, do we still have to turn in our workbook?

A: Yes! The grassroots VMAP committee feels like feedback, including workbooks of all completion levels, is an essential part of the yearly evaluation of the project. If your Valley pledges to participate in VMAP, part of that pledge is to return the workbook detailing your Valley’s progress at the end of the year.

Q: If my Valley has a successful program that is not included in VMAP can we have some credit for it?

A: Yes! If you look in Section 10 there are several blank lines for filling in things that your Valley does that may not have been included in the regional workshop discussions, and since VMAP will be evaluated several times each year and continually modified annually to remain a cutting edge list of best practices from across the Southern Jurisdiction the VMAP committee strongly encourages Valley’s with alternative programs to submit them via VMAP@scottishrite.org for potential future inclusion in the project.

Q: What happens after year 1? Does my Valley have to re-certify each year, or does our previous certification count?

A: VMAP will be modified and updated each year, so each year each Valley will need to re-certify to meet the updated standards of achievement. The goal of the program is to move the needle of membership engagement and participation in a positive direction, and thus will be an ever evolving journey.

Q: Are there different levels of achievement if my Valley goes beyond the required levels in implementing VMAP items?

A: At this time there is only one level of achievement, however the committee will reevaluate VMAP each year based on feedback from the membership and this is a future possibility.

Q: If plaques and lapel pins are given for the first year of achievement, will the second year offer the same, or different, incentives?

A: The plaques given will be multi-year perpetual plaques for each Valley to track its years of reaching the achievement goals. The lapel pins will be year specific.

Q: Who are the official champions of the program at the local level?

A: While the participation pledge requires the signature of the Valley Secretary and Personal Rep, the champions of the VMAP program are each and every member of the Valley. The success of VMAP rests on engaging the membership of the Valley toward a common goal and thus the responsibility lies with every one of us.

Q: How does one qualify for a VMAP sustaining member coin and when qualified, who do they contact about getting a coin?

A: One qualifies two ways:

  • By being the top-line signer of a Scottish Rite Petition. The recipients are identified using the Sentinel Database and a letter of appreciation and coin are mailed out to the deserving member from the Grand Executive Director’s office. Only one medallion per brother per year.
  • By being on a Brother to Brother team and being responsible for a brother being reinstated into the Scottish Rite. The VMAP Chairman or Secretary must submit a list of recipients, and the coins will be sent to the Valley for presentation.

Q: How does one get a VMAP lapel pin?

A: The pins are reserved for members of Valleys that receive the VMAP Achievement Award. The VMAP Chairman makes a request though the Valley Secretary for the number of pins to be distributed to the active members of the Valley. The pins will then be sent to the Valley Office for presentation.